Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Award! :D

So okay, I'm kinda late on this cause I didn't realize I had been given this award until....now. *sheepish smile* Well, all my interested listeners, I have been awarded this by a fellow Sparkler:

THE LIEBSTER BLOG AWARD! YAY! IM SO EXCITED! I'VE WANTED THIS MY ENTIRE LIFE! What is it?.........................well okay I don't know. I'm guessing it means I'm awesome. Anyway, I am apparently supposed to post seven things about myself and then tag seven blogs that I love. So here goes:

1. I'm awesome.

2. I'm a debate nerd.

3. I cried when Oromis died in Brisingr.

4. I know both dialects of Elvish.

5. I have a deep-seated fear of the mirror in Snow White.

6. I am, quite possibly, the loudest person you'll ever meet.

7. I procrastinate like a pro.

Seven blogs that are awesome:
1. The Doctor Longscarf Blog: it's an entire blog about Doctor Who. Who wouldn't love it?

2. Think Thunks: interesting analysis of songs and movies.

3. Stories from the Life of a People Lovin' Bookworm: Um hello, it's full of stories. AWESOME.

4. Eclectics and Eccentrics: Fun randomness

5. Radical Love: An absolutely inspiring blog with encouragement for every young lady out there.

6. Faith like a Child: Amusing notes from another college student

7. The DeBusk Daily (ish...): Hilarious peeks into the life of a family in Texas who is growing and learning together.

So yeah! I'm awesome. All these blogs are awesome. And you should all go see them. :D

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