Thursday, May 20, 2010


Well, I have finished school for the year! Unfortunately, none of my debate team is going to Nationals so that means that speech and debate is over for the year too. We are having our end-of-the-year party on Saturday so we're all really excited! This summer will be incredibly busy for me. I am going to three different debate camps and hopefully working one more. I will also be attending a family camp and a church camp. I'm looking for a job too. I will also be trying to start a Bible Study with a few of my friends over the summer. So, to sum it all up, this summer will be busy yet full of opportunity. I would appreciate prayers as I go throughout this summer. It will probably be strenuous and full of a lot of trying situations. I am also trying to decide who my debate partner is going to be next year. I have several options but trying to pick the right one....the one that God wants me to partner with....will not be easy. So, I'm hoping I will know how to make the right decision with God's help! Thanks for reading! :)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Have you ever felt like you were the only person on this planet that cared....about anything? That everyone else seems to be chasing after things you haven't ever wanted? That you seem to be the only one that understood there may be more depth and more life and more....just well MORE to our existence than what everyone else wants? If so, you are not alone. Lately, as the debate season has come to a close for me, I have felt that I must now be isolated from the people that understood me. I'm not a frivolous empty headed person who is satisfied with the world. I don't like swallowing what other people hand to me on a platter. I like thinking and feeling and working passionately and with my whole being. I can't be shallow. Its impossible. And therefore, I am alone.

I am the only ME on this planet. I am the only me with my personality, name, and feelings. And because I am so unique, no one in my entire life has fully understood my passions and loves. Because of who I am, I am a dangerous combination who must be careful in everything I say and do. People are so shallow these days that no one seems to care about how things are perceived or even how actions can be taken the wrong way. Selfishness abounds and shallow love, even more. Only a few still hold on to those "outdated" beliefs that life was meant to be more than what I want. Life is meant to be something beautiful, to be enjoyed. And those of us who still cling to the old ways, the laws of chivalry, the laws of grace, of kindness, of selfless love, are outcasts. Even in my small world, I know that I am alone. Yet I choose to remain untainted by the world. I choose to remain who I am. I choose to remain loyal to what I believe life should be. Will you?